I’ve been on a mission lately to find quality area rugs, that can handle the madness of four little kids and two old dogs. We had to discard our living room rug recently because it had become unsanitary in our house. Gross. It’s just really hard to clean most rugs.

Basically, we need rugs that can withstand all the messes these tiny creatures tend to make, and that is hard to find. Except…  this type of rug does exist, and we’ve been thrilled with its addition to our home! We’ve had the Bereber Beige rug by Lorena Canals for a few months now, and I am absolutely in love!

We put it in our son’s bedroom since he plays on the floor all the time, and it has become the spot we all go to roll around with the baby. It’s 100% natural cotton with non-toxic dyes, and the best part is… it’s MACHINE-WASHABLE. Yes, that’s right, you can throw that beauty in the wash, which I did after the flu swept through our house a few weeks ago, and actually clean the rug.

Not only is this rug durable, its also versatile! I picked the Bereber because I can envision using it in multiple rooms in my house. I also use it for many of my IG posts when staging photos.

Baby photo shoot! This is also the space we bring her as she’s learning to roll and crawl, because it’s soft and safe.

A lifestyle look. I will seriously just stand in this room and rub my feet into this rug because it’s so soft.

We love this rug and highly recommend you check it out at Lorena Canals! 

They have a variety of rug styles for kids and home. They also have washable cushions and baskets that are adorable.

**I was given the Bereber Beige Rug compliments of Lorena Canals. As always, the reviews and opinions of products are my own.**


Island Cabinets

I have loved the idea of painting the island cabinets a different color than the kitchen cabinets for a while now. After months of staring at my peeling white boring cabinets under my island sink I decided why not time to paint!!! I have an awesome chalk paint store that I love so I ran up there before the kids got out for Christmas break and got my Duck Egg Annie Sloan paint. I know there are cheaper paints but this one is the one I am most comfortable with and trust!

This is what my cabinets look like before. Of course I had already taken off the hardware when I realized I didn’t take a before picture. Happens every time to me!

Before I painted I ended up sanding down the peeling areas. Usually with chalk paint you don’t have to sand before hand but I didn’t want the peeling to continue or show through. I only sanded the areas that were peeling. I then cleaned the cabinets really well.

I picked up this cleaner while I was buying the paint. I first cleaned the cabinets with soap and water and then used this.

I was able to complete this paint job in two days. Probably would have been less but we were trying to clean up Christmas and all the kids were home.

I ended up putting three coats of paint. The first one was really light. I sprayed water on the cabinets for the second coat and then painted. The third I did normal. I let each coat dry fully before adding another one. Waited about 20-30 mins between coats.

First Coat

After three coats I let it rest over night. Then added a tiny bit of detail using a paste. I just added this shine to the middle part of the cabinets just to give it some depth.

After I got my desired look I added the Annie Sloan Lacquer. I did two coats 1-2 hours apart. First coat was mixed with a tiny but of water.

I have finally found a brush that I absolutely love!!!

The brush doesn’t shed and it doesn’t show brush strokes when painting! I am in love. Below is what the end result looks like!!

Dock A Tot

Our sweet Berkeley Mae was born this summer, on June 21, 2017. It was an easy delivery and she completed our now, family of six. I’ve had a lot of practice with babies over the past nine years. I’ve birthed four and fostered six, and because of this, we’ve tried a ton of baby products. Some have been amazing and others, a complete waste of money. I’ve also learned that babies have preferences and they aren’t all buying what companies are selling. Sometimes swinging around like a monkey isn’t soothing, but actually quite terrifying. Berkeley made sure we knew this by crying every time we tried it. So… one expensive product was passed along to her cousin who actually enjoys it.

This time around, we were gifted the DockATot Deluxe, and it is hands down the baby product we’ve used the most over the past six months. We are a co-sleeping family and the DockATot has made it much easier for us to do this. I’ve gotten so much more sleep and Berkeley loves the cozy feel of it and has been sleeping through the night since 10 weeks.

So you may be wondering, what is the DockATOt?

DockATot® is a multi-functional lounging, playing, chilling, resting and snuggling dock you can take anywhere. Designed in Sweden, it has been tested for breathability, is OEKO-TEX certified, all natural and 100% cotton. It has an ideal micro-climate for babies and toddlers. It’s also machine washable.

We have found all of this to be true. We use the DockATot Deluxe (0-8 months) for naps at home and when we are traveling or at others’ homes. Berkeley has slept in her DockATot in hotels, at my 93 year old grandfather’s house, on her cousins nursery floor and many other places. We are planning on carrying it on the airplane with us in a few weeks so she can nap in it, on our four hour flight.

Napping in her cousin’s nursery when we traveled to Virginia to meet him for the first time.

Hanging by the lake (of course supervised and only this close for a pic) at her grandparent’s house.

Napping with her big sister while mommy was folding laundry.

Napping at her Great Grandfather’s house while on a road trip.

Berkeley is constantly being smothered in hugs and kisses by her siblings, so sometimes you can see her breathe a sigh of relief when we put her in her DockATot. It’s her comfort spot away from mommy. We love that she has a consistent place to rest!

You can check out all of the products here: DockATOt.

We are looking forward to trying the next size, DockATot Grande in the coming weeks!

**We were given the DockATot Deluxe Dream Weaver compliments of DockATot. As always, the reviews and opinions of products are our own.**

DIY Stenciled Tile Floor

I had great intentions of writing a blog post about my DIY stenciled laundry room floors immediately after completing the project. But… ya know… life just kept happening. I worked on this project in between taking care of a newborn and three other kids during summer break, so it took a little longer than expected. I can honestly say, these floors are one of my favorite projects thus far! And now that we’ve lived with them for four months, I can honestly tell you’ve they’ve held up really well!

I’m going to break this down and keep it really simple. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I was inspired by others on Instagram and was able to take their projects and spin it to make my own. Hopefully, this post will help you do the same. The products I used were either recommended by other DIYers and or products I’ve used successfully in the past.  Happy Stenciling!

Step 1: Clean the tiles and remove all lint and dirt. I just used Clorox wipes and scrubbed with my hands. Just make sure you get them as clean as possible so you don’t get debris stuck in your paint.

Step 2: Tape off any areas you don’t want to get painted by the roller. I’m super lazy with this, but I recommend taking the extra time to do this well.


Step 3: Prime the floors with the primer of your choice. I thought I bought white primer which is what I was planning on using, but once I opened the can, I realized it was gray. I went with it, and it was fine because I was going to use charcoal gray as my base. If you are planning on using white as your base, make sure to get white primer. I used a roller for this step and a brush around the edges. I  only had to use one coat because my primer was dark, but depending on the color of your floor, you might have to do two. I could have gone with the quart instead of the gallon size, but now I have some for the next project.


Step 4: Paint the floors with your base color. I used one coat of Rust-oleum Charcoal Chalkpaint.  Let it dry really well before beginning the stencil process.


Step 5: Stencil with your stencil of choice. I used the 12 x 12 Augusta stencil from Cutting Edge Stencil. I also ordered their roller for the stencil part. The stencil comes with great directions for how to use it best, so I recommend following those for this project. I did not use any other stenciling brushes and or tools because I wanted it to have some distressed look to it. I just used rolled the best I could and didn’t worry too much about the bleeds or imperfections. If you want a cleaner look, you will probably need to go back and touch up some areas with actual stencil brushes. I started in the middle of the room and stenciled every other tile so that I could access each one without stepping on the drying paint.



Step 6: Seal the Floors. I used Minwax Polycrylic protective finish with three coats. I just used a regular roller and brush to cover them. After each coat, I waited a day, and then after the third and final coat, I waited 72 hours before putting any real traffic on the floors. I think this was key to allowing the floors time to set. I also chose the Matte finish because I didn’t want a shiny look.

Products I used:



White Chalkpaint

Charcoal Chalkpaint



**Four months later and these floors have held up so much better than I’d anticipated! This room gets so much traffic every day because it’s where the kids cubbies with shoes and bags are located. It’s also our laundry room, so with 6 people, it is always being used! Because the tile is so pretty, it motivates me to keep the laundry off the floor.**

Girl Bedroom Update

Every bedroom in our home needs to be painted and since we are a DIY painting family, the task seems quite daunting. I decided back in October to create in accent wall in my daughter’s bedroom to start and then would finish by painting the rest of the room. Then I found out I was pregnant, and well… I was super sick, so the wall was half wallpapered for 7 months. 

We finally finished it this past weekend and I was able to create a hanging branch with embroidery hoops to add to the space above her bed. 

The wallpaper is the Shiplap NuWallpaper by Wallpops, and I love it! It’s so easy to install and looks great in this space! 

I bought the branch at Homegoods and sanded it down to be natural. The Embroidery hoops are from Hobby Lobby. The faux greenery and twine are from Amazon. 

Here are the before pics:

Wall Pops

September 27,2016

I love wallpaper but haven’t had the courage to try and put it up! Lucky for me we ran across a company on Instagram that has a new line called Nuwallpaper. Instead of the traditional wallpaper this wallpaper is peel and stick!
Check out Wall Pops website! I am addicted. So easy to put up.

Check them out!

First part done. I used wall pops tools to smooth out all the bubbles and cut the paper! I would definitely suggest getting them when ordering the paper.

Getting the second part lined up wasn’t hard at all. You can’t even see the crease between the two!

The final product! So excited about how it looks. This is the wall that you see when you come in from my garage! I didn’t tell my husband I was doing this. He was a bit shocked but pleased!

Can’t stop staring at this wall!

Materials used

1 roll of. Wall pops Kensington Damask blue Nuwallpaper

Smoother and Utility Knife installation kit (I am not one that uses tools and such for my projects but this was a must)!


The company has simple step by step directions. Again I am not one to follow directions but I did since this Nuwallpaper was new to me. It was 3 easy steps that were right on the box! I went from top to bottom when putting up the paper. Then smoothed all the bubbles out. I can’t say enough how easy this was to put up.

I am about to order some Nuwallpaper for my dining room ceiling! So excited.

DIY Shiplap

Ever since we discovered Fixer Upper and Joanna Gaines, we’ve been positively giddy about “shiplap!” A year ago, I had never heard this term and now I would love to shiplap every wall in my house. Like seriously.

My three year old talks about shiplap as if it’s just an every day vocabulary word and my sweet husband just rolls his eyes as I tell him all of my shiplapping plans for the future. My guess is that there are many others out there that have also had their worlds rocked by the beautiful possibility of shiplap, but need some help with getting started.

Well, we’ve got you covered! We have two ways for you to get the shiplap look in DIY style and on a friendly budget. I’m sharing my method in this post and Christine will share her’s in another.  Happy Shiplapping friends!

Method One:

Our master bedroom is big and I wanted an accent wall to give it some farmhouse character. Michael set off to Home Depot for our supplies and I prepped the room. 


Michael bought Sande Birch Plywood from Home Depot. He had them cut the boards into 6 inch planks. (Warning- the boards were less than clean cuts so if you can do it yourself, it’s better)

Once he arrived home, we sanded the boards with fine grit sandpaper. We just did the edges and it didn’t take long.

This is me (Becca) taking the boards upstairs.

We started at the top of the wall and did our best to level the boards. We used a nail gun to make it faster but you can do this job with just a hammer (it might take a bit longer).

Progress on the wall…

Once we finished nailing the wood to the wall, it was time to prime and paint. We used Sherwin Williams primer and Alabaster paint. We opted not to fill the nail holes with wood filler because I wanted the rustic look.

Here is the finished wall. I absolutely love how it brightened our master bedroom!

Let me know if you need help or advice. I will just be at home shiplapping.

Tween Room

My daughter just turned the big 10! Double digits. As she would say best birthday EVER! We have lived in our current house for 5 years. Since moving in I have only put up new curtains  in her rooms!

She has always wanted a pink room. I personally loved her lime green room. So I had just painted my youngest sons birthday green and my daughter mentioned how awesome it would be to have a pink room. Well if you know me you know I love to paint. My husband goes to work and usually comes home to something painted.

To begin with I had gotten a wrought iron bed from a consignment store and spray painted it hot pink. Her curtains are pink with green in them. All of this wasn’t going to changed so I needed to work around that!

The first thing I did was paint the chalkboard wall so that had 2 days to dry good!

Like many of you do it yourself people I have my set stores and paints! Ace Hardware is my store for small projects and Home Depot is my go to for fun!!

So off I went to Home Depot for paint. I am a creature of habit and buy Behr paint. Well this certain day the sales rep for Gliden was there. He was all over me helping with everything. I new what I wanted but didn’t want him to feel bad so I switched paint brands this time. I cringed but ordered the paint and took it home. Still questioning my decision the next day. But everything turned out fine. I didn’t see a big difference in the paint brand choices. The only difference that I found was the Gliden Diamond paint dries faster so I could do two coats in one day !

The paint color we chose is Pink Pinwheel. Same family as cotton candy pink or as I like to call it pepto pink. Either way she loves it.

I ordered the Gold Vinyl dots off the website They are 2 inch dots! 75 dots came with one order for $16. My daughter wanted them placed in the corner and spacing out the further out they got. She and my 4 year old decorated the wall.

I got her desk from my basement which I found at goodwill. Painted it turquoise. Peg board came from Home Depot. I didn’t have to do anything to it just hang it!! Then the buckets and pencil holders came from the Dollar Store. I still need to put her name above the bed and hang a few more pictures up! All in all this project was fun and has started my daughters year off right! She has her own quiet space to do her homework and to just be a girl!

Below is the before picture. I failed to take one before I started taking down stuff and moving it around. I did keep her ceiling blue. I wasn’t in the mood to tackle that monster. I actually like having it blue it looks really good with the pink walls.

Of course with 6 kids running around one always wants to help or play right in the middle of the area! I love to have them help. It may take twice as long but it is a good time to chat and catch up on life.

Once more look. Before I could get a good picture of her chalkboard wall she already started decorating it! My daughter has an obsession with figurines. She now has a organizer right next to her white desk which isn’t pictured below but really helps keep the little tiny pieces out of my vacuum.