Tween Room

My daughter just turned the big 10! Double digits. As she would say best birthday EVER! We have lived in our current house for 5 years. Since moving in I have only put up new curtains  in her rooms!

She has always wanted a pink room. I personally loved her lime green room. So I had just painted my youngest sons birthday green and my daughter mentioned how awesome it would be to have a pink room. Well if you know me you know I love to paint. My husband goes to work and usually comes home to something painted.

To begin with I had gotten a wrought iron bed from a consignment store and spray painted it hot pink. Her curtains are pink with green in them. All of this wasn’t going to changed so I needed to work around that!

The first thing I did was paint the chalkboard wall so that had 2 days to dry good!

Like many of you do it yourself people I have my set stores and paints! Ace Hardware is my store for small projects and Home Depot is my go to for fun!!

So off I went to Home Depot for paint. I am a creature of habit and buy Behr paint. Well this certain day the sales rep for Gliden was there. He was all over me helping with everything. I new what I wanted but didn’t want him to feel bad so I switched paint brands this time. I cringed but ordered the paint and took it home. Still questioning my decision the next day. But everything turned out fine. I didn’t see a big difference in the paint brand choices. The only difference that I found was the Gliden Diamond paint dries faster so I could do two coats in one day !

The paint color we chose is Pink Pinwheel. Same family as cotton candy pink or as I like to call it pepto pink. Either way she loves it.

I ordered the Gold Vinyl dots off the website They are 2 inch dots! 75 dots came with one order for $16. My daughter wanted them placed in the corner and spacing out the further out they got. She and my 4 year old decorated the wall.

I got her desk from my basement which I found at goodwill. Painted it turquoise. Peg board came from Home Depot. I didn’t have to do anything to it just hang it!! Then the buckets and pencil holders came from the Dollar Store. I still need to put her name above the bed and hang a few more pictures up! All in all this project was fun and has started my daughters year off right! She has her own quiet space to do her homework and to just be a girl!

Below is the before picture. I failed to take one before I started taking down stuff and moving it around. I did keep her ceiling blue. I wasn’t in the mood to tackle that monster. I actually like having it blue it looks really good with the pink walls.

Of course with 6 kids running around one always wants to help or play right in the middle of the area! I love to have them help. It may take twice as long but it is a good time to chat and catch up on life.

Once more look. Before I could get a good picture of her chalkboard wall she already started decorating it! My daughter has an obsession with figurines. She now has a organizer right next to her white desk which isn’t pictured below but really helps keep the little tiny pieces out of my vacuum.