Wall Pops

September 27,2016

I love wallpaper but haven’t had the courage to try and put it up! Lucky for me we ran across a company on Instagram that has a new line called Nuwallpaper. Instead of the traditional wallpaper this wallpaper is peel and stick!
Check out Wall Pops website! I am addicted. So easy to put up.

Check them out! http://www.wallpops.com

First part done. I used wall pops tools to smooth out all the bubbles and cut the paper! I would definitely suggest getting them when ordering the paper.

Getting the second part lined up wasn’t hard at all. You can’t even see the crease between the two!

The final product! So excited about how it looks. This is the wall that you see when you come in from my garage! I didn’t tell my husband I was doing this. He was a bit shocked but pleased!

Can’t stop staring at this wall!

Materials used

1 roll of. Wall pops Kensington Damask blue Nuwallpaper

Smoother and Utility Knife installation kit (I am not one that uses tools and such for my projects but this was a must)!


The company has simple step by step directions. Again I am not one to follow directions but I did since this Nuwallpaper was new to me. It was 3 easy steps that were right on the box! I went from top to bottom when putting up the paper. Then smoothed all the bubbles out. I can’t say enough how easy this was to put up.

I am about to order some Nuwallpaper for my dining room ceiling! So excited.


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